Premium Muscle Support

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The proteins support a growth in muscle mass and its maintenance. Thanks to its uncompromising combination of high quality special protein, Premium Muscle Support is particularly appropriate for ambitious athletes. The specific combination of colostrum, whey (whey protein isolate CFM) and micellar caseine provides a high quality amino acid spectrum as well as different solubility and absorption properties.

  • Whey- and milk protein isolate from cross-flow microfiltration and ultrafiltration as natural source of lactalbumin, micellar casein and milk calcium.
  • Enriched with colostrum, the cows first milk
  • Protein hydrolysates from whey (Whey CFM NitroTM), casein (PeptoProTM), potato and egg supply protein in quickly available form of peptide. Peptide are pre-splitted protein (short chain peptide).
  • Enriched with L-leucine, an essential amino acid.
  • Whey CFM NitroTM, a hydrolysed whey protein isolate CFM.

 NEW: Now available in BANANA flavour (can 850 g, box or sachet)



CHF 39.00

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