Carbo Loading

Carbo Loading

Targeted carboloading prior to a competition makes larger reserves of energy available to the body, so it remains able to perform for longer periods. Costly and complex diets used to be recommended to 'load' carbohydrates (a process also known as tapering or carboloading). In practice, however, these strict methods were often applied in very unsatisfactory ways, so simpler and less complex approaches have gradually become established nowadays, both in scientific theory and in practice.

The background information provides a brief overview of the carboloading methods that are now in common use.

More recent studies show that targeted 1-day carboloading before a competition is very efficient and beneficial. The focus here is on a diet that is extremely rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrate drinks specifically developed for this purpose, which are also very pleasant to consume, can also be helpful. They are usually taken one day before the competition, divided into four or five portions. (Busseau et al. 2002)

Carbo Loading for Multi Day Events

Competitions lasting several days and high-intensity training camps exhaust the reserves of glycogen. Constant topping-up is therefore important, especially in rest phases when stress on the stomach is low. This is why we recommend one portion of Carbo Loader every evening before resting in bed, in addition to taking the usual regeneration products. The night phase should be used to fill up the exhausted glycogen reserves even more in order to maintain performance ability

Critical Consideration of Classical Carbo Loading

In classical carboloading, a strictly protein-fat diet is maintained during the first two or three days. Carbohydrates are no longer consumed. This causes "starving out" of the body. However, this strict and very severe form of nutrition puts very heavy pressure on the athlete's metabolism and often diminishes physical and mental wellbeing. The alternation between protein-fat days and carbohydrate days can lead to gastro-intestinal disorders. Extensive knowledge about nutrition is required for successful carboloading according to the classical method. Acceptance of such a strict diet is often poor, so many athletes perform their carboloading inaccurately. The stress on the stomach is relatively high due to the large volumes of meals. Special carbo-drinks meet with much better acceptance from sportspeople in this respect!

Supplements for an efficient Carbo Loading

Carbo Loader