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SPONSER ® EGG ALBUMEN is an animal protein which is derived from egg white. Due to its high biological value, the powder is often used to supplement a normal diet with the aim to build-up or maintain muscle mass. It contains 82% protein, is free of lactose, low in carbohydrates and fat and also does not contain any additives.

EGG ALBUMEN is known for its complete amino acid profile. Thanks to the neutral taste, it is perfectly suitable to add to shakes and smoothies. To complement the amino acid profile, the powder can also be added to Whey or Casein.


If a combination of Whey, Casein and Egg Albumen is desired, we recommend our MULTI PROTEIN CFF. As premium multi-component protein we recommend our PREMIUM MUSCLE SUPPORT (containing 8 different protein sources!).


- Pouch of 1000 g


CHF 38.00

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