Liquid Energy ULTRA

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LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA by SPONSER® is a liquid energy concentrate of complex carbohydrates and MCT fat (medium-chain triglycerides) based on high-quality vegetable oils. The gel was developed to support long lasting endurance performances of with low intensity and largely differs from other gels thanks to a higher energy density due to its fat content.

As for all SPONSER products, we attach great importance to optimum digestibility. MCT deliver directly available energy from fat and does not have to be digested first. It is thus very quickly available without harming its assimilation. In addition, the supply of energy by MCT leads to a preservation of the body’s own glycogen reserves and supports the performance over a longer period of time. The gel is also enriched with salt and BCAA.

The delicious LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA gel made from coconut milk and macadamia is free from gluten and lactose and without free fructose and artificial additives.


Advice of use:
Take 1 sachet per 20 minutes together with approximately 200 ml of water. Recommended in combination with the sports drink “ULTRA COMPETITION” as well as with 20 g of protein (e.g. 1 ULTRA PRO portion bag) every 3-4 hours. In case of severe heat, add 1-2 SALT CAPS per hour.


CHF 3.00

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