Long Energy 5% Protein

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LONG ENERGY (with COMPETITION®-FORMULA) is an acid free sports drink with 5% of protein in peptide form. Peptide form means that the product is already pre-digested and in comparison with traditional protein, it is clearly quicker absorbed.

In an analog way to the competition line, Long Energy is based on 8 different sources of carbohydrates with different glycemic index among others also on VitargoTM, a patented barley starch hydrolysate with a molecular weight about 100x higher than traditional cereal starches. This causes a low osmolalty and contributes to fill up the empty glycogen reserves.

Enriched with Peptopro (www.peptopro.com), glutamine and BCAA, the branched chain amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine.

CHF 39.00

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