Nutrition in Training

Nutrition in training

The diet in daily trainings varies for each individual and has to be adapted depending on situation, needs and goals. Interval training, fat metabolism as well as muscle growth are the keywords. SPONSER offers solutions for a targeted supply of nutrients.

Nutritional goals in day-to-day trainings are often set differently compared to competition situations. Best possible energy supply and optimal performance capability are fundamental during competitions, whereas the opposite effect is preferred in training phases (fat metabolism training). Nutrition during trainings always depends on the situation and aims for best support to achieve the desired training impulses. Afterwards, the body should recover as quickly as possible to be prepared for following training sessions.         

Energy supply is often avoided during fat metabolism trainings and only water is used for rehydration. Unfortunately, a sufficient intake of electrolytes is not ensured particularly during long sessions. Anyone who trains more than five hours a week is reliant on an adequate electrolyte compensation. Electrolytes (especially sodium) should also be part of the nutrition strategy during sessions of two hours or more. Suitable products from the SPONSER product range are e.g. the effervescent ELECTROLYTE TABLETS, CARNITIN 1000 MINERALDRINK or also the SALT CAPS.

Muscle growth and maintenance are of great importance also for endurance athletes. Like for power athletes, a sufficient protein supply is crucial for endurance athletes during this period. Phases with high training efforts and intensive units even justify an increased need of protein. Proteins which are so called «building blocks of the human body» play an important role in the recovery and for the immune system. For an adequate basic nutrition use minimum three high-quality protein sources. Additional protein supplements can make sense during this time. Suitable products are e.g. RECOVERY SHAKES containing minimum 20 g protein per serving just before and after intensive exercises, a night protein "CASEIN"  or a protein for breakfast in form of a WHEY PROTEIN SHAKE.

Speed and fitness are a result of high intensity trainings (HIT) with an increased energy demand and longer recovery time. Products and nutrition strategies which are relevant for competitions should be tested and used during this phase. Experience shows that the maximum carbohydrate intake per hour is approx. 90 g, provided that different carbohydrate sources (COMPETITION) are used. This mechanism can and should also be trained like the fat metabolism. Anyone who only consumes water in trainings should not be surprised if tolerance problems occur during competitions.   


SPONSER offers a wide range of products to support individual targets in trainings. Like e.g. products for an efficient fat metabolism, muscle growth or maximum performance capacity in interval trainings as well as for the following fast regeneration. SPONSER PERFORMANCE PACKAGE provides 11 selected products particularly suitable for competitions at a preferential price of CHF 19.90. Take advantage of the attractive offer now and visit