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  • bovine colostrum (from cow's milk)
  • high immunoglobulin content
  • For protein enrichment of food and beverages
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100% pure COLOSTRUM without additives, very well water soluble. Can be ideally combined with ordinary protein shakes or used for protein enrichment of food and beverages. Protein supports the building and maintenance of muscle mass.

COLOSTRUM, also known as first or beestings milk, is made from the colostrum milk of cows. Colostrum milk is produced by the mother cows within the first hours and days after calving. Compared to normal milk, it has a modified and more nutrient-concentrated composition. Since today's dairy cows produce far more milk than their calves need, it is possible to use the surplus of the first 24 to 48 h after calving for food supplements. Colostrum is widely used in ambitious sports, by top athletes and bodybuilders, for example in connection with regeneration, strength building or immune defence.

Colostrum is very rich in growth and immunostimulating nutrients such as immunoglobulins, natural growth factors and immune regulators. These substances are important for good growth, prevent infections and the development of a strong immune system (e.g. allergy protection). Athletes can take advantage of this: protein co-factors are of particular importance for muscle growth, and an improved immune system is also of great benefit, as intensive sport leads to a temporary weakening of the immune system.

The quality of colostrum as a dietary supplement is usually indicated by the content of immunoglobulin G (IgG). Our colostrum meets the highest quality standards and has a high content of 30% IgG in the powder. Only the first and second milking within the first 12 hours are used for production. Gentle heating during production ensures that the valuable ingredients are preserved.

Note: Colostrum is not on the WADA doping list, although it contains many natural growth factors. See also our more detailed background information with proof of study. Nevertheless, we advise you to obtain it from reliable sources and tested processing.

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20-30 g daily as addition in food, drinks or combined with other protein shakes.


per 100 g

Energie/energy kJ (kcal)

1533 (361)


1.0 g

davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/dont acides gras saturés/
of which saturated fatty acids


0.8 g

Kohlenhydrate/glucides/ carbohydrates

15 g

davon Zuckerarten/dont sucres/of which sugars

15 g

Ballaststoffe/fibres alimentaires/fibres

0 g


73 g


0.75 g

Ingredients: Bovine colostrum (cow's milk) with high immunoglobulin content

Developed in Switzerland produced in France.


1200 mg



800 mg



200 mg



600 mg









 *%NRV, nutrient reference values

100 g enthalten/contain: 30 g active IgG

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