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Low Carb Burner

  • dietary fibres, green tea, coffee extract and milk peptides
  • 30% RDA with 10 vitamins
  • only 14 kcal/portion
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Low Carb Burner

Low Carb Burner is a low-calorie electrolyte drink based on green tea and coffee extract, L-carnitine, 4 minerals and 10 vitamins. The standardised green tea and the caffeine-free green coffee-extract provide natural polyphenols, like for instance the catechin EGCG.  Besides that, PeptoPro®, which is a quickly available casein hydrolysate, is added. Low Carb Burner is suitable as low-calorie sports drink wherever no additional energy is requested.

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Preferably 2 x 1 portion daily. Suitable for low-intensity activities as well as in everyday life. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.


Dissolve the content of 1 sachet (8.5 g) in approx. 500 ml of water. Also suitable as a tea prepared with 200-300 ml of hot water.

TYPISCHE NährwertE/valeur nutritive/nutrition facts/ næringsinnhold/ NÄRINGSINNEHÅLL

Per 100 g Pulver/ poudre/powder

1 Portion/porsjon

(8.5 g = 500 ml)

1 tagesration

(2 Port. = 17 g)

Energie/energy/energi kJ (kcal)

1005 (240)

88 (21)

175 (42)


< 0.1 g

0 g

0 g

davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/dont acides gras saturés/of which saturated fatty acids/hvorav/heraf/andel mettede/mättade fettsyrer

0 g

0 g

0 g

Kohlenhydrate/glucides/carbohydrates/ karbohydrater/kulhydrater/kolhydrater

17 g

1.4 g

2.9 g

davon Zuckerarten/dont sucres/of which sugars/hvorav/heraf/andel sukkerarter/sockerarter

14 g

1.2 g

2.4 g

Ballaststoffe/fibres alimentaires/fibres/kostfiber

29 g

2.5 g

4.9 g


22 g

1.9 g

3.7 g


5.5 g

0.47 g

0.94 g









42 mg


3.6 mg


7.2 mg



280 mg


24 mg


48 mg



3.5 mg


0.3 mg


0.6 mg



4.7 mg


0.4 mg


0.8 mg



4.7 mg


0.4 mg


0.8 mg



9.4 µg


0.8 µg


1.6 µg



59 mg


5.0 mg


10 mg


Folsäure/acide folique/
folic acid/folsyre

700 µg


60 µg


120 µg



212 µg


18 µg


36 µg


Pantothensäure/acide pantothénique/pantothenic acid/pantotensyre

21 mg


1.8 mg


3.6 mg


INGREDIENTS: Acacia fiber, whey protein hydrolysate 24%, isomaltulose* 15%, minerals (sodium citrate, magnesium lactate, sodium chlorid, potassium citrate, calcium carbonate), polydextrose, L-carnitine tartrate, flavours, green tea extract and decaffeinated coffee extract 3%, choline bitartrate, 10 vitamins (ascorbic acid, nicotinamide, alpha-tocopheryl acetate, calcium panthothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamine mononitrate, folic acid, biotin,cyanocobalamin), sweetener sucralose, acidulant malic acid, colouring red pepper extract. *source of glucose and fructose

Developed and produced in Switzerland.

Mineralstoffe/sels minéraux/ minerals/mineraler








2200 mg


187 mg


374 mg



695 mg


59 mg


118 mg



340 mg


29 mg


58 mg



1080 mg


92 mg


184 mg


100 ml of the preparation contains 12 kJ (3 kcal).

Per 17 g (8.5 g): L-Carnitine 450 mg (225 mg), Choline 180 mg (90 mg), catechins 90 mg (45 mg).


How to lose fat

And build up muscles

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Interview Giulia Steingruber

About sports nutrition and competition goals

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Fat metabolism

Ultra endurance

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How to lose fat

How to lose fat and build up muscles

If you want to reduce your weight and body fat percentage, you must primarily achieve a negative energy balance. Basically there are two possibilities for this, ideally in combination:

1. increase calorie output = additional physical activity
2. minimise caloric intake

Increase calorie output: strength training or endurance training?
Physical activity should not only be a pure means to increase energy output, but ideally should also include specific strength training for the purpose of building muscle mass. Since muscles burn more calories than fat tissue even at rest, increased muscle mass results in a higher basal metabolic rate or daily calorie requirement. Furthermore, it is now well proven that so-called High Intensity Interval Trainings (HIIT) are more effective than moderate long-term endurance units in terms of absolute calorie burning and fat reduction. HIIT is characterized by short, intensive intervals of e.g. 10 x 60 sec at 90% of the maximum heart rate, with a 60 sec break each. It apparently does not matter whether you train on empty energy stores or in a satiated state, because the calorie burning after training remains increased for a longer period of time («afterburning effect»). A balanced diet that is both high in protein and low in carbohydrates should be practised at the same time. In contrast to long endurance units, HIIT can be trained much more time-efficient.

Reduce caloric intake: triple effect of increased protein intake
On the nutritional side, the simplest and most effective approach is to increase the protein content in the diet. Nowadays, there is a wealth of clinical data that prove the satiating, muscle-preserving and calorie-burning (thermogenic) effect of protein.

• Compared to fat or carbohydrates, protein requires more energy for digestion: about 20-30% of the calories from protein are required for its digestion and burned as heat (thermogenesis). With carbohydrates, this effect counts only approx. 5-10% of its caloric content.
• Protein is digested more slowly than carbohydrates, which prolongs the satiety feeling and keeps insulin levels lower. This in turn promotes fat metabolism.
• Protein supports the building and maintenance of muscle mass. Since proteins are also used by the body as a source of energy when total energy balance is negative, a percentage increase in protein intake during a diet is all the more important.
• An increase in protein intake is even more important for people on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Because of the lower value of vegetable protein compared to animal protein, a combination of several sources and a slightly higher intake is necessary.

Implementation of nutritional measures in everyday life
Our most important recommendation: no radical goals and measures! Gentle and flexibly manageable changes are most sustainable. Further adjustments can be made successively as required. Start with the following or similar measures:

• Reduce carbohydrates: minimise your carbohydrate side dish several times a week, and eat more salad and/or vegetables instead. Be prudent with carbohydrates in general and fast sugars in particular, as they are not very satiating and also affect insulin levels, which has a negative effect on fat burning.
• High-quality protein source: Always include quality protein in all main meals. This can be dairy products, meat, fish, but also combined vegetable sources.
• Dietary fibres: A high fibre content (lettuce, mushrooms, pulses, wholemeal cereals and many vegetables) supports satiety and also digestion.
• Replace 2 to 4 meals per week with a protein shake, supplemented with a portion of salad or vegetables. Ideal in the evening.
• Plan your diet with convenient, but appropriate snacks. Avoid sugary snacks between meals and try to replace them with a protein shake or protein bar instead. If you do have a hunger attack, have something suitable ready (e.g. nuts, PROTEIN LOW CARB BAR).
• Vegetables instead of fruits. Fruits are also healthy, of course, but contain a lot of sugar. Prefer raw vegetables instead (tomatoes, peppers, etc.)
• Minimise carbohydrates in the evening. Try to avoid carbohydrates late in the evening. A late meal should instead be rich in protein, but may well also contain fat (e.g. protein shake, cheese, nuts).

These gentle, adaptable measures provide the flexibility to react to cravings, invitations, lapses, etc. Such small steps are also easier to follow than crash diets because only minor behavioural changes are required, and no feelings of hunger are needed. Like this you can slowly but steadily change your diet and find your individually fitting solution.

Conclusion: Combined nutrition and training strategy
Weight loss should be achieved through a combination of dietary changes and increased activity, which will lead to a corresponding change in behaviour for long-term success. The new behaviour patterns must fit you and your everyday life, ultimately becoming part of your lifestyle! Only a permanent (lifelong) change protects you from the yo-yo effect.

Author: Remo Jutzeler
Ing. Applied Food Sciences UAS
MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ

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18. 01. 2020
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Interview Giulia Steingruber

Gymnast Giulia Steingruber about her ambitions at the World Championships 2019

For quite a long time you did not hear anything from gymnast Giulia Steingruber. After her great bronze medals in the jump - at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 as well as at the World Championships in Montréal in 2017 - a serious injury forced the Swiss talent to take a longer break. The rehab lasted almost a year. Tough times for such a successful athlete like Giulia Steingruber, who had previously been European Champion in the jump discipline, on the floor and in the all-around competitions.

World Championships coming next
But now she's back. And more than just back! At the Swiss Championships 2019 Giulia Steingruber won her eighth all-around title. The form is back and the hunger for further successes is likely to be greater than ever. A few days before the upcoming World Championships in Stuttgart, Giulia Steingruber took the time to answer a few questions for her long-time nutrition partner SPONSER SPORT FOOD.

Giulia, are you doing a kind of «competition diet» in the days before an important competition?

No, I don't stick to a special diet, I mainly leave away the carbohydrates.

What does your breakfast look like in the morning of an important competition?

What I do not want to miss is fresh coffee. In addition to that, there are muesli with fruits, natural yoghurt and a little honey.

Do you have a favourite SPONSER product that should not be missing in any competition preparation?

I mainly use the LOW CARB drink as well as the low-calorie ELECTROLYTES tabs. After the competition I have a RECOVERY SHAKE.

What are your plans for the 2019 World Cup in Stuttgart?

My goal for the World Championships is to do a clean qualification. I would like to be among the top 24 in the singles and in the top 12 with the Swiss team.

How do you celebrate your success?

After the competition I really enjoy a fine dinner! I love to celebrate my success with my family and good friends sitting together comfortably.

01. 10. 2019
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Fat metabolism

How ultra endurance athletes should optimise their fat metabolism

Because the energy requirement at ultra endurance events amounts to 7000 kcal per day and more, studies advise ultra endurance athletes to optimise their fat metabolism within their training protocol. (Nikolaidis et al., 2018: Nutrition in Ultra-Endurance: State of the Art. Nutrients 10(12):1995).

SPONSER recommends to activate the fat metabolism with regular low-glycogen trainings and to support those with LOW CARB BURNER, ACTIVATOR or ELECTROLYTES TABS. During ultra-endurance competitions paying attention to energy density, including fat- and protein-containing food, is important. Ideal for this: LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA Gel and ULTRA PRO as well as the sports drink ULTRA COMPETITION and - in high heat - SALT CAPS.

Author: Remo Jutzeler

18. 09. 2019
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