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Liquid Energy

  • Gel con la massima densità energetica e tollerabilità ottimale
  • Con carboidrati facilmente digeribili
  • 5 varianti /gusti diversi
  • Arricchito con sodio
  • Senza conservanti, senza lattosio
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Liquid Energy

I gel LIQUID ENERGY di SPONSER® garantiscono la massima densità energetica e una tollerabilità ottimale. Il concentrato di energia liquida è costituito da carboidrati facilmente digeribili e sodio. Adatto per gli atleti di resistenza, che dipendono da un apporto di energia costante. Come fonte di energia ad alta concentrazione, è ideale assumerlo prima o durante l’allenamento o gara. Sono disponibili in tubi richiudibili o in bustine monodose. A seconda del fabbisogno energetico, si consiglia di assumerli con circa 200 ml d’acqua o una bevanda sportiva. SPONSER offre diverse varianti di composizione* e gusti, tutte senza conservanti:

Formula di carboidrati di alta qualità in tubo richiudibile. Gusto: neutro (non aromatizzato)


Formula di carboidrati di alta qualità arricchita con 25 mg di caffeina e taurina per una marcia in più. Disponibile in tubo richiudibile o bustine monodose.

Gusto: neutro (non aromatizzato)


Formula di carboidrati di alta qualità arricchita con BCAA per la protezione muscolare in caso di stress prolungato. Disponibile in tubo richiudibile.

Gusto: fragola-banana

Formula di carboidrati di alta qualità arricchita con sodio e carboidrati a lento rilascio. Adatto per le lunghe distanze, in caso di caldo o come gustosa alternativa ai gel pittuosto dolci. Disponibile in bustine monodose.

Gusto: salato, neutro (non aromatizzato)


Formula di carboidrati di alta qualità arricchita con energia proveniente da grassi/MCT, carboidrati a lento rilascio e beta-glucani. Ideale per le lunghe distanze e ultradistanze. Disponibile in bustine monodose.

Gusto: cocco-macadamia

*Maggiori informazioni e una tabella comparativa sono disponibili qui

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Ca. ½ Tube per 20 min oder 1 Sachet per 20 min, ca. 200 ml Wasser nachtrinken

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Nährwerte/Nutrition facts


per 100 g

per Tube
(70 g)

Energie/energy kJ (kcal)


945 (222)

664 (156)



0 g

0 g

davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/of which saturated fatty acids


0 g

0 g



54 g

38 g

davon Zucker/of which sugars


32 g

22 g



0.2 g

0.1 g



1.5 g

1.0 g



0.80 g

0.56 g



100 mg


70 mg




0.29 g


0.20 g


*der Nährstoffbezugswerte/des valeurs nutritionnelles de référence/of nutrient reference values
mg/70 g (mg/100 g):   Taurin 350 (500), L-Leucin 250 (360), L-Valin 125 (180), L-Isoleucin 125 (180).

Zutaten: Fructosehaltiger Glucosesirup, Wasser, Isomaltulose, Natrium- und Kaliumcitrat, Aminosäuren (L-Leucin, L-Valin, L-Isoleucin), Taurin, Salz, Säuerungsmittel Zitronensäure, Geliermittel E466, Aromen, Antioxidationsmittel Ascorbinsäure.

Entwickelt und hergestellt in der Schweiz


Intervista Ramon Zenhäusern

Il più grande specialista di slalom della Svizzera (in inglese)

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Alimentazione hockey su ghiaccio

Consigli per gli atleti (in inglese)

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Alimentazione triathlon

Lunga distanza (in inglese)

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Intervista Tadesse Abraham

«Voglio una medaglia mondiale!» (intervista in inglese)

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Alimentazione maratona

Consigli per atleti (in inglese)

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Interview Nino Schurter

«LIQUID ENERGY vale oro!»

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Intervista Ramon Zenhäusern

Leggi l'intervista in inglese:

«Tra due corse mangio un po' di pasta o una HIGH ENERGY BAR Salty+Nuts»

He is the one «on the top» of all the slalom riders. With his two-meter height, Swiss ski racer Ramon Zenhäusern is literally standing out. Especially when ending up on the top of a podium, as was recently the case at the 2019 World Ski Championships in Åre (team) or the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang (gold with the team, silver in the individual race). We were able to meet the charming Swiss for a short interview and find out about his nutrition strategy before important races.

Ramon, what are your plans for the upcoming season?

My goals are always the same: I want to stay as healthy as possible and have fun while racing. And if that is given, I am convinced that good results will follow. I also try to continuously develop and improve my skills.

Do you have a favourite race that you are already looking forward to?

My favourite races are principally the races in Switzerland: Adelboden and Wengen. There I can really feel how the fans push me to a top performance!

What does your breakfast look like on race day?

Before an important race, I make sure that I eat a balanced breakfast. That means: A good mix of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. That's why I usually eat my way through the breakfast buffets.

Do you have enough time to eat between two runs?

Although I would have enough time between the runs to eat, I am usually so nervous that I don't eat a lot. But in order to have enough energy for the second run, I have a little meal or a snack. I usually eat some pasta and/or a HIGH ENERGY BAR Salty+Nuts from SPONSER.

Which SPONSER products do you like best?

With my size I burn an enormous amount of calories on a training day on the glacier at 3000 m above sea level. Therefore, it is essential that I quickly recharge my energy stores with a protein or a recovery shake. Immediately before a competition I take a LIQUID ENERGY GEL and drink an ISOTONIC sports drink.

Is there a sports nutrition product that still needs to be invented for you and your preferences?

No at all! SPONSER has such a wide range of products that every athlete will be satisfied. I am perfectly happy with SPONSER!

Which menu do you prefer to celebrate your victories and medals with?

I don't really have a special winners' menu, but with a Fondue Chinoise you can always make me happy.

22. 01. 2020
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Alimentazione hockey su ghiaccio

Leggi l'articolo in inglese:

Nutrition in ice hockey: what ice hockey players should be aware of

Ice hockey is a fascinating sport: fast-paced, physical and in some cases highly dramatic. Although the regular match time is usually three times 20 minutes with breaks of 15 minutes, the effective play time is much longer. Depending on the interruptions during the game, the five field players and the goalie can spend up to two and a half hours on ice. It is obvious that a competition of over two hours requires a targeted and carefully balanced nutritional strategy if an athlete is to fully exploit his performance potential on the ice. We explain in the following what ice hockey players nutrition-wise need to consider before, during and after the competition and make recommendations for product selection from the SPONSER range.


Filling glycogen stores
Full energy reservoirs are the be-all and end-all in a sport with long performing times such as ice hockey. Studies confirm that glycogen supercompensation (carboloading) with a concentrated, carbohydrate-containing drink provides a considerable energy advantage on the day before the competition. Suitable products:

CARBO LOADER: High energy sports drink for replenishing glycogen stores, contains Vitargo®, a barley starch hydrolysate specially developed for this purpose.
LIQUID ENERGY GELS: Those who prefer it quick and comfortable can take carbohydrates directly from the tube with these gels. They deliver easily tolerable energy, which is available within a few minutes after ingestion.
HIGH ENERGY BAR: Competition bars for long-lasting energy. Ideal up to one hour before use.

Increased lactate tolerance
The relatively short, but high-intensity blocks, with sprints and hardly any breathers, as they occur again and again in ice hockey, result in high lactate accumulation. Beta-alanine and soda loading (sodium bicarbonate and sodium citrate) in advance increase the extracellular buffer capacity, which in turn delays the muscle acidosis and fatigue. Athletes benefit also from creatine supplementation, especially when it comes to speed and interval performance - two factors that play a central role in ice hockey. Suitable products:

LACTAT BUFFER: For professional soda loading during 4-5 days before important games.
BETA ALANINE: In contrast to soda loading, it does not increase the extracellular but the intracellular buffer capacity and thus ideally complements the LACTATE BUFFER. Loading is necessary for approx. 8 weeks and should be paused after approx. 12 weeks for several weeks.
CREATINE MONOHYDRATE: Loading phase during 1-2 weeks, but can also be used throughout the entire season. For even better absorption, a combination with CREATINE PYRUMAX is also possible.


Ensure regular liquid supply
Despite the obviously cool temperatures on the ice field, the loss of liquid is significantly higher than one would expect, due to high-intensity performance and the hindered thermoregulation by full-body clothing and protection gear. For this reason, professional athletes make sure to drink 0.5 to 1 litres of an energy- and electrolyte-containing sports drink per hour during a match. Suitable products:

ISOTONIC: The classic sports drink with 5 fruity flavours.
COMPETITION: The less sweet, less intensively flavoured and acid-free alternative and therefore the first choice in elite sports.

Avoiding blood sugar fluctuations and muscle cramps
In competitive sports, energy supply plays a central role because the body's fuel stores are not sufficient for a duration of more than approx. 90 to 120 minutes. LIQUID ENERGY Gels can therefore also be used in addition to carbohydrate-electrolytes drinks. They provide fast energy, can be taken easily and do not strain the digestion. Players with high sweat losses and/or cramp tendency may benefit from our MUSCLE RELAX Shot. Suitable products:

LIQUID ENERGY GELS: Best tolerated liquid energy concentrate from quick and slow available carbohydrates. The energy kick par excellence! With or without caffeine.
MUSCLE RELAX: 30 ml bottles of cucumber juice and vinegar. At first signs or acute muscle cramps, rinse your mouth briefly with it and drink afterwards.


Keeping coordination and concentration high
Reaction time, attention, coordination, concentration and a high focus are elementary performance components in a technical and fast discipline like ice hockey. Suitable products for increased cognitive performance and delayed fatigue:

ACTIVATOR: Ready-to-drink flask with 200 mg caffeine from guarana, mate and green tea. Ideal from the second third or to manage mental fatigue. To be taken approx. 30-60 min before the desired time of effect. Take in two portions depending on tolerance.
MENTAL FOCUS: Caffeine-free formulation with green tea active ingredients and Rhodiola Rosea. Promotes focusing without increasing anxiety.


Ensure fast recovery
«After the match is before the match» is a bon mot in ice hockey. It is therefore crucial to take care of regeneration immediately after a match. A high-quality regeneration supplement supplies the body with fluid and electrolytes, fills the glycogen stores and repairs endured muscle damage. Suitable products:

RECOVERY DRINK: Fruity regeneration drink, lactose-free. Preparation with water.
PRO RECOVERY: Efficient, highly professional protein-based regeneration product to balance muscle stress. Lactose-free and without artificial sweeteners. Preparation with water.
NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2: The professional tip! Its vasodilatory effect enables better nutrient supply and reduction of metabolic end products (e.g. lactate). Ideal for supporting regeneration.

Author: Remo Jutzeler
Ing. Applied Food Sciences UAS
MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ

17. 12. 2019
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Alimentazione triathlon

Leggi l'articolo originale in inglese:

Three key factors for maximum performance in a triathlon long distance race

Electrolytes influence the transport of nutrients and their end products into and out of the cell. They stabilise the pH value, influence the heart and muscle functions and improve the heat tolerance as well as the performance capacity. Sodium is a key element in the transport of liquid and is mainly lost by sweating. The sodium loss is individual for every athlete and can vary within a range of 400–1600 mg per liter of sweat. In case of high level performance and of heat, a targeted electrolyte loading is recommended during the preparation phase already. Activities in the heat or longer than 2–3 hours require a targeted sodium, respectively electrolyte supply.

If a dehydration is not compensated, serious consequences will occur:
• stomach problems
• lower effort tolerance
• increase heart rate
• disturbed heat regulation
• decreased mental function
• negative influence on motor functions
• increased risks of spasms

Carbohydrates are one of the most important sources of energy in endurance sport. A targeted carbohydrate intake is essential for activities lasting more than 90 minutes in order to maintain the performance level. Sport drinks, gels and bars are confirmed carbohydrate sources. They are often used in combination depending on duration, intensity and personal preferences. The higher the intensity and the longer the activity, the more crucial is their digestibility.

• Sports drinks deliver well tolerated, easily digestible carbohydrates enriched with electrolytes.
• Gels provide quickly available carbohydrates.
• Bars support the function of the gastrointestinal tract and are best suited for lower intensities and longer distances.

Pay attention to regular energy supply. For optimal performances we recommend dosages of 60–80 g carbohydrates per hour.

10. 10. 2019
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Intervista Tadesse Abraham

Leggi l'intervista in inglese:

Marathon runner Tadesse Abraham on his way to the World Athletics Championships in Doha

You hardly have to present Tadesse Abraham to marathon runners anymore. Since the European Marathon Championships in Berlin 2018, where he won the silver medal, he is well known all over Europe. In March 2016, the athlete from LC Uster set up a new Swiss marathon record (2:06:40). And only a few months later, Tadesse Abraham became European Champion in the half marathon in Amsterdam with a time of 1:02:03. No wonder that the athlete has set himself ambitious goals for the 2019 World Championships in Athletics in Doha.

Tadesse, what are your personal plans for the World Championships in the Qatari capital?

I'm already really looking forward to my start in the marathon, and the preparations are going very well. My goal at the World Championship in Doha is to run as fast as I do in training. Then one of the three medals should be within reach.

What role do you think the warm, relatively humid climate of Doha will play on competition day?

The weather is an important factor. I will take certain precautions against the heat and be strategic in the competition so that I can play to my advantage. In any case, the marathon will not be a fast marathon because of the heat.

How do you plan your meals during the marathon in Doha? Again with the 21 small, accurately labelled SPONSER bottles as we know them from you?

Yes, of course. As always, I will have many small bottles provided for me. That way I'll get enough fluid during the race. Furthermore, my nutrition strategy in Doha is no different from the one I use in other marathons: In the three or four days before the start I use the CARBO LOADER.

Do you also take gels during the marathon or do you consume only liquids?

During the race I only drink. One hour before the start of the marathon I take an ACTIVATOR to feel awake and ready. Shortly before the start I take a LIQUID ENERGY GEL.

12. 09. 2019
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Alimentazione maratona

Leggi l'articolo in inglese:

Important nutrition tips for running a marathon

Basic nutritional recommendations for marathons

The nutrition strategy before and during a marathon is basically a very individual matter, especially for longer running distances. Nevertheless, there are important guidelines to follow in order to get through the competition optimally. Special attention should be paid to the following three parameters:

• Fluid balance: Drink regularly and according to your thirst.
• Energy: Use easily digestible carbohydrates as the main source of energy, approx. 60-80 g per hour. Sports drinks and energy gels are particularly practical during marathons.
• Electrolytes/salt balance: Preferably use sports drinks and additionally take electrolytes (salt capsules) if the race lasts more than three hours. Especially, if pure water is drunk and warm temperatures prevail.

» The graphic marathon nutrition illustrates what runners need to pay attention to when it comes to nutrition within a marathon.

No experiments in competition!
Prior to use during competitions, we recommend testing all products in advance during training under competition-specific stress. Because even though optimal digestibility of the products is a central development component of SPONSER®, there are always individual and situational factors that have to be considered. Many an elite athlete has had to learn the hard way in this regard. Rule number one is therefore: No nutritional experiments on the day of competition or immediately before!
Ideally, your nutrition concept should be tested during long runs. Experienced athletes start them in a sober state and start later with the competition specific energy supply (after about one hour). Like this strategies, ingestion and tolerance can be tested under realistic conditions.


Activation of NO metabolism
Formerly a secret tip, the so-called nitric oxide activation has spread in recent years thanks to broad scientific support. In addition to professionals, this concept is also used today by numerous ambitious amateur athletes. The activation of the nitric oxide metabolism (NO) aims, among other things, at increased oxygen availability and improved blood flow. The most efficient products are NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2 and RED BEET VINITROX.

The longer the competition, the more the body's limited carbohydrate reserves and absorption capacity become the performance-limiting criteria. As a rule, marathon runners therefore benefit from carboloading prior to a marathon. Efficient carboloading means filling the body's various carbohydrate stores to the maximum. Study results suggest that one to two days of carboloading before competition is the adequately efficient. However, large amounts of food on the eve of a competition often lead to an unpleasant feeling of fullness or even digestive problems, and are therefore not recommended.
Consequently, in addition to a generally carbohydrate-rich diet immediately before the competition, we recommend taking the specially developed CARBO LOADER on pre-race days. CARBO LOADER is a highly concentrated, carbohydrate-electrolyte drink without free fructose. Ideally, one portion should be taken after each main meal.

The advantages of such a carboloading are:

• Maximally filled glycogen stores.
• No feeling of fullness and less flatulence.
• Practical handling: CARBO LOADER, especially in a portion bag, can be easily taken at any location.

The electrolytes balance should be maintained before the race start. A little extra salt during the last meals is a suitable measure in this respect. Ideally, you should take one or two salt capsules (SALT CAPS) or dissolve ELECTROLYTE TABS in a water bottle. If you want to take carbohydrates at the same time, take a sports drink (COMPETITION®).

Breakfast and last hour before competition
The last meal should preferably be eaten about 3 to 4 hours before the start. It should be easy to digest (as little fibre as possible!) and rich in carbohydrates. POWER PORRIDGE is ideal as such a pre-race breakfast. It is also advisable to drink regularly (but not excessively) until the start of the competition. Ideally not only water, as it does not contain electrolytes. It is recommended to take half a tube of LIQUID ENERGY GEL with some water about 5-10 minutes before the start.


For almost all marathon runners, carbohydrates are the main source of energy in competition. However, their absorption capacity is physiologically limited. As a rule of thumb: Consume between 60-80 g carbohydrates per hour or approx. 1 g carbohydrates per kg of body weight.
Provided that carboloading has been carried out, you should start taking 60-80 g carbohydrates per hour (gels/drinks) about 30 to 60 min into your run. Without previous carbolading, carbohydrate ingestion should be started at the latest starting from 30 min run duration. In principle, it does not matter whether the energy intake is achieved through sports drinks or gels. Intake intervals of 15 to 20 minutes would be ideal. If too much energy is absorbed, this can lead to flatulence or digestive problems.

Fluid and electrolytes
Not only fluid but also electrolytes are lost through sweat. Therefore, it is important to drink regularly right from the start and to pay attention to the feeling of thirst, which is the most reliable indicator according to scientific findings. For nutritional and physiological reasons, we recommend taking COMPETITION®, LONG ENERGY or ULTRA COMPETITION carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks. The advantage: These sports drinks provide the body with valuable electrolytes, fluids and, of course, the necessary energy in hypotonic form. The drinks are also acid-free, provide a broad carbohydrate spectrum and are only discreetly flavoured, which makes them optimally tolerated.

Practical implementation
In practice, it is rarely possible to carry your own drinks during a marathon. Organizers rarely make an individual catering zone available, as it is known in professional sport. For this reason, we recommend carrying some LIQUID ENERGY GELS (attached to the running belt) in order to standardise energy and electrolyte absorption. As a rule of thumb: 1- 1.5 LIQUID ENERGY gel tubes or 60 to 80 g carbohydrates distributed over one hour. Ingest the major part preferably shortly before arriving at the refreshment stand in order to cover the concomitant fluid requirements with water.
The choice of gels (LIQUID ENERGY PLUS, BCAA, PURE, or SALTY) is individual and can be varied at preference. The LIQUID ENERGY SALTY gel is a good change in heat - not least from a taste point of view. It contains more salt, tastes spicy-salty and less sweet. With increasing competition duration, high temperatures and a tendency to cramp, we recommend the use of SALT CAPS as an additional electrolyte source (approx. 1-2 caps per hour).

Performance Optimizer
If you tend to cramp with increasing competition duration or in general, you can use the MUSCLE RELAX shot as a remedy. The pickle juice-like, sour-sharp drinking solution activates neurosensory receptors and helps to normalise muscle function.


Fast regeneration pays off
The regeneration phase begins immediately after the finish line and is particularly decisive. The faster, the better for the body, even if there is usually no feeling of hunger at this point.

The following three factors are central to your rapid regeneration:

• Replenishment of glycogen stores through easily digestible carbohydrates.
• Rehydration with fluid and electrolytes.
• Restoration/repair of the muscles with protein.

Elite athletes consume a professional regeneration drink with a protein content of approx. 20 to 30 g within 30 minutes after passing the finish line in order to cover all important elements easily and efficiently. PRO RECOVERY, RECOVERY SHAKE or WHEY ISOLATE 94 are used most frequently. The RECOVERY DRINK (combined with a flask AMINO 12500) has also proven itself in practice thanks to its practical portion size.

Author: Remo Jutzeler
Ing. Applied Food Sciences FH
MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ

10. 09. 2019
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Interview Nino Schurter

Leggi l’intervista con Nino Schurter in inglese:

Nino Schurter on his nutrition in everyday life, in training and in competition

Olympic champion, eight-time world champion, overall winner at Cape Epic and Swiss athlete of the year. Nino Schurter has achieved everything that can be achieved in XCO mountain biking. Regardless of his future successes, the charming biker will go down in history as one of the most successful Swiss athletes. We met Nino shortly after winning his eighth world champion title and were allowed to ask him some questions about his nutrition:

Nino, what significance does nutrition have for you as a top athlete and what do you personally pay most attention to?

Nutrition is clearly an important part of the whole success. If you demand a lot from your body, you have to make sure that your body gets everything it needs. Personally, I pay attention to a balanced cuisine and high-quality products.

What is the most important food/nutrition advice you can give to an ambitious mountain biker?

The joy of eating is very important. That's why I recommend: Pay attention to healthy food, but don't count calories. When it comes to food during a competition or during training, that's a little bit less freestyle. You have to have an exact plan of what to eat and when.

Which two SPONSER products do you use most often, both in training and in competition?

The LIQUID ENERGY GEL is invaluable in the very sense of the word. Without it I would not be the first to reach the finish line. PRO RECOVERY SHAKES are also indispensable after hard training and competitions.

And what kind of food for bikers do you think should be invented?

A drink that lowers the body temperature at the same time.

07. 09. 2019
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