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Nitroflow Performance

  • Performance Optimizer
  • Promuove la produzione dell’ossido nitrico (NO)
  • Flusso sanguigno migliorato e trasporto di ossigeno aumentato
  • Consiste di estratti vegetali ricchi di polifenoli e sostengono il NO
  • Adatto per gli atleti di resistenza e di forza ambiziosi
Sponser Nitroflow Performance
Sponser Nitroflow Performance
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Nitroflow Performance

NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2 viene applicato come ottimizzatore della prestazione (Performance Optimizer) sia nello sport di resistenza che nello sport di forza. Consigliamo l’uso particolarmente nella preparazione ad una competizione, in fasi di allenamento dure e per la rigenerazione.

NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2 contiene una combinazione unica di diversi ingredienti funzionali vome ad esempio New Zealand Blackcurrant, Montmorency Cherry o anche bioflavonoidi di agrumi. Questi sono stati scientificamente testati sugli atleti e sono già ampiamente utilizzati a causa del loro promettente potenziale negli sport professionali. Sopratutto possono migliorare le prestazioni di resistenza attraverso l’aumento dell’ossidazione dei grassi per la fornitura di energia.

Gli ingredienti mirano ai seguenti modi d’azione:
• Mantenimento del flusso sanguigno normale
• Trasporto ed uso dell’ossigeno ottimizzato
• Vasodilatazione
• Uso dell’ossigeno mitocondriale = ossidazione dei grassi aumentata per la fornitura di energia
• Protezione antiossidante e promovimento del ristabilimento

Questo prodotto è vegan.

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Tipi di sport di resistenza e di intervallo: Ogni giorno per circa 5 giorni prima della competizione, l’ultima volta 3 ore prima dello start. Durante 1-2 giorni dopo le fasi di allenamento intensivi e competizioni per promuovere il ristabilimento.
Sport di forza: 2-3 h prima delle competizioni o allenamenti intensivo per il sostenimento della prestazione e del ristabilimento. 


Sciogliere il contenuto del sacchetto in circa 150-200 ml di acqua.

per Sachet (7 g) = 1 Tagesration/daily ration

Vitamin(e) C

80 mg



30 µg


*NRV, nutrient reference values
Per Sachet: L-Citrullin(e) 1000 mg, 1Watts'UpTM 250 mg, 2ViNitroxTM 250 mg, 3CherryPURE® Montmorency Tart Cherry 250 mg, 4fruitflowTM 150 mg, 5New Zealand Blackcurrant 150 mg

100 ml Zubereitung enthalten 35 kJ (9 kcal)

Zutaten: Akazienfaser, L-Citrullinmalat, 15% Pflanzenextrakte (Citrusbioflavanoide1, Apfel/Traube2, Sauerkirsche3, Tomate4, schwarze Johannisbeere5, Curcuma, Kaffee, Grüntee, Zwiebel, Acerola, Blaubeere), Verdickungsmittel (Xanthan, Natriumalginat), Aromen, Säuerungsmittel Zitronensäure, Ascorbinsäure, 0.5% Frucht- und Gemüsekonzentrate (Brokkolisprossen, Camucamu, Açai, Holunder, Karrotte, Mangostane, Kirsche, Brombeere, Himbeere, Spinat, Grünkohl, Rosenkohl), Gewürze (Schwarzer Pfeffer Extrakt, Knoblauch, Basilikum, Oregano, Zimt), selenhaltige Nährhefe, Süssungsmittel Steviolglycoside.

Entwickelt und hergestellt in der Schweiz.

Ausserhalb der Reichweite von kleinen Kindern aufbewahren.


5 consigli di nutrizione per un Ironman

Da pro triatleta Ruedi Wild (in inglese)

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Peripherer Blutfluss

Entscheidend für Sauerstoffversorgung der Muskeln

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Flusso sanguigno

Essenziale per l'apporto di ossigeno (in inglese)

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Intervista Jan van Berkel

Nutrizione prima dell'Ironman

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5 consigli di nutrizione per un Ironman

Leggi l'articolo in inglese:

5 Ironman nutrition tips for the last few days before the competition

The optimal nutrition during the long distance triathlon is a big challenge. The needs of the athletes can be very different, so everybody has to find his own strategy on the day of the competition. However, the days before the long race day have a decisive influence on how your regime will ultimately turn out nutritionwise. Here below you find the most important tips of professional triathlete Ruedi Wild and more about optimization possibilities as well as possible stumbling blocks:

Due to the reduced training in the taper phase, the body needs less carbohydrates than during usual training phases. Therefore, the usual intake of carbs already leads to an increased replenishment of glycogen stores. Too large amounts of pasta, rice etc. on the pre-race day additionally burden the stomach for the competition and may lead to a feeling of fullness. Soft drinks are unsuitable because of fructose. Therefore, I use CARBO LOADER, basically after each main meal on the pre-race day to maximally fill up my glycogen stores.

The electrolyte level, in particular salt (or rather sodium), is an elementary factor in race nutrition. It is crucial that the electrolyte balance is optimally prepared on the day of the competition. Except with main meals, for me pure water is taboo the last days prior to the race. Especially during training sessions, as it further dilutes the sodium concentration in the blood. During main meals I generously use salt, while instead of pure water I dissolve ELECTROLYTES TABS in the drinks or take SALT CAPS (approx. 1 salt cap per 0.5l).

NO Loading
Initially known as an insider tip, nitrogen oxide loading (NO loading) has spread widely in recent years, especially among professionals, thanks to broad scientific support. Among other things, it aims at increased oxygen transport and improved blood flow. In the pre-competition week NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE and RED BEET VINITROX belong to my daily supplements.

Dietary Fibre
The last two to three pre-race days I pay attention to a low intake of dietary fibres, because they put additional strain on my stomach during competition. My usually preferred foods such as vegetables, fruits or wholemeal products are practically completely eliminated and replaced by white bread, plaited loaf or rice.

The high content of fructose in soft drinks and most available sports drinks has spoiled many of my long-distance competitions in the beginning. Stomach cramps or flatulence were the most frequent consequences. Even on pre-race days I do not take any soft drinks, fruits or fruit juices, while on race day the ULTRA COMPETITION is my favourite competition drink.

» Graphic overview about triathlon nutrition on race day

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Author: Ruedi Wild, professional triathlete

03. 10. 2019
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Peripherer Blutfluss

Der periphere Blutfluss ist entscheidend für die Sauerstoffversorgung der Muskulatur

Der periphere Blutfluss, also in den äusseren Zonen des Körpers, ist entscheidend für die Sauerstoffversorgung der Muskulatur. Studien haben gezeigt, dass vor allem die reich an anthocyanin-haltigen Pflanzenextrakte zu einer Blutgefässentspannung/-erweiterung führen und so die Mikrozirkulation verbessern. Dieser Effekt hat einen positiven Einfluss auf die Substratverfügbarkeit während des Wettkampfs, auf die Leistung sowie auf die Erholungsfähigkeit der Athleten.

Willems M. et al. (2014): NZ blackcurrant improves cycling performance and recovery in trained endurance athletes. 11 (Suppl 1):P14 https:doi.org/10.1186/1550-2783-11-S1-P14

25. 09. 2019
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Flusso sanguigno

Leggi l'articolo in inglese:

The peripheral blood flow is crucial for the oxygen supply of the muscles

The peripheral blood flow, i.e. circulation in the outer zones of the body, is decisive for the oxygen supply of the muscles. Studies have shown that especially plant extracts rich in anthocyanins lead to blood vessel relaxation and expansion, and thus improve microcirculation. This effect positively influences substrate availability during competition, performance and the athletes' ability to recover.

Willems M. et al. (2014): NZ blackcurrant improves cycling performance and recovery in trained endurance athletes. 11 (Suppl 1):P14 https:doi.org/10.1186/1550-2783-11-S1-P14

25. 09. 2019
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Intervista Jan van Berkel

Leggi il testo integrale in inglese:

Ironman athlete Jan van Berkel about his nutrition

Swiss pro triathlete Jan van Berkel is going to race Ironman Switzerland 2019, the very race he was able to win the year before. We were lucky to meet him and ask a few questions before the big day.

Jan, the first highlight of your season is about to start. How do you feel before the Ironman Switzerland?

I have been fully concentrated on this race for months now and I am very much looking forward to race. I am in a good shape. If someone wants to grab my title, he has to perform well - and deserves it.

What is special in your nutrition before a competition?

A NO-Loading with NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2 and RED BEET VINITROX is very important for me. Also, I try to reduce the dietary fibres a bit. I increase the carbohydrates three days before the race, but not excessively.

What are the most important food aspects in a long-distance competition?

Individuality: What works for me can be completely wrong for another athlete. And flexibility: In an Ironman there are always unknown situation that throw a nutrition concept overboard. If you stay within a rigid nutrition concept, failure will be guaranteed.

Your biggest nutrition misadventure ever?

At the Inferno Triathlon I used a bottle on the bike that was a bit mouldy. Since the bike has to be parked in the transition zone the day before the race, you can't get to this transition zone on the morning of the race. So, my bottle with the COMPETITION sports drink has already turned acid. When I opened it during the race, the liquid came out like shaken champagne! I therefore stopped at a fountain in order to stay hydrated on my way up to Kleine Scheidegg.

What are your favourite SPONSER products in your everyday life?

1. WHEY PROTEIN 94: High-quality proteins are the cornerstone of my regeneration.
2. PROTEIN LOW CARB BAR Chocolate Brownie: I dip it into homemade peanut butter and get probably the healthiest «Snickers» in the world.
3. ACTIVATOR: Because sometimes there is no good coffee around and sometimes you just need a caffeine boost!

17. 07. 2019
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