Gigathlon 2019

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Gigathlon Switzerland is off to Central Switzerland in summer 2019 or, more precisely, to the cantons of Obwalden and Nidwalden with an abundance of mighty mountains and inviting lakes. For the first time in the history of the Gigathlon, the Couple and Team of Five categories can choose whether they would like to run or inline skate (as well as the set disciplines of swimming, trail run, mountain bike and cycling).

If you love swimming, cycling, swimrunning, running, trailrunning, biking and skating be sure to register for the three Gigathlon days from 28 to 30 June 2019. Choose what you like best: Single Man or Woman, Couple or Team of Five and get into situations which are particularly intense or highly emotional. Get to know some details:

The Single and one Gigathlete from each Couple and Team of Five will line up for the SwimRun on the Friday evening in Sarnen. Swimming in the Sarnersee lake and running through the streets, alleys, beach resorts and sports grounds of Sarnen. A wetsuit and running shoes are worn throughout the whole SwimRun. Only one team member starts in the Couple and Team of Five categories. The SwimRun is paused without split times and counts towards the overall competition time.

The Trailrun discipline consists of trails of an adventurous nature which mainly follow paths. With a steep alpine run on the Saturday, on which sticks are officially allowed. This is the right place for anyone who likes to experience the mountains at first hand! A hilly cross-country run amidst the rustic scenery and natural beauty of Obwalden follows on the Sunday.

The running courses are shorter and consist mostly of gravel paths and asphalt – running in the conventional sense, in other words. Sticks are not allowed here. Athletes and less experienced runners alike «always in the green zone».

After a two-year break, inline skating is on the Gigathlon programme once again – not least in response to requests from the Gigathlon community. The inline courses are designed in such a way that two or three circuits can be skated.

The temperature of the water in Lake Lucerne and the Sarnersee is usually moderate at the height of summer. Four kilometres will be completed on both the Saturday and the Sunday to ensure that the swimming really feels like a Gigathlon event. Split into two 2000 m laps, each of which will be interrupted by the inline or running discipline.

Those who set their sights high must be willing to put up with a lot of elevation gain and long ascents. You will have plenty of these on the cycling courses. But have no fear, everything is measured out to make sure you can breathe deeply and enjoy the stunning vistas.

Mountain Bike
The mountain bike courses mostly go uphill on gravel roads and forest paths. As befits outstanding mountain biking regions, trails with individual technical sections then head down to the valley. Depending on your riding skills, there are even one or two dismount sections. But remember: the name of the discipline is mountain biking.

Feeding zone by SPONSER
Even if the tracks are new, the surroundings partly unfamiliar: everything will be well known when it comes to feeding during the Gigathlon. SPONSER® will offer a wide range of products at the feeding zones in Ob- and Nidwalden and provide the gigathletes with mildly flavoured sports drinks, tasty bars, energy gels and encouraging words. The exact feeding plan with all stations and products offered will be announced later.

Would you like to get more details over the distances or sign up for the event? Go and visit www.gigathlon.com