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Interview with Jeannine Gmelin - European Vice-Champion

The Swiss rowing athlete Jeannine Gmelin is one of the absolute world leaders in rowing. After her World Champion title in 2017, she doubled her title with the European Champion in 2018 and most recently with the Vice European Champion title. The 29-year-old athlete is trusting in SPONSER® sport food for years and has given a short interview after the European Championships in 2019 on Rotsee.

Jeannine, you said after winning the silver medal at the European Championships 2019 that you were «overjoyed with the 2nd place, because this ranking would not have been possible a few weeks ago». How is that to be understood?

Last fall I had to undergo appendectomy, which delayed my training start. At the beginning of the year I suffered from pain in my back and in addition to the physical complaints, I had a difficult time with the Swiss rowing association. Since March 2019, I have been training for myself and have been confronted with many new challenges. All this has cost me a lot of energy. And under these circumstances, the second place is a good result for me.

What are your plans for the World Championships at the end of August 2019?

As an athlete, it's clear that I compete in races to win. But for me personally, the focus is on being able to deliver my potential at the decisive moment. If I succeed, I know that on the one hand I am satisfied with the result and on the other hand the result corresponds to what I have set out to achieve.

What priorities do you set in your nutrition before such an important competition as the World Championships?

In principle, my nutrition in competition hardly differs from that outside of competition. What changes is that I have to adjust the time of meals exactly to the start of the race. Likewise, that what I eat no longer necessarily has to taste good, but must primarily serve a purpose. In addition to bananas, oat flakes, potatoes or rice, I have also integrated some of the SPONSER products as fixed food sources.

Which are your favorite SPONSER® products that you can't do without in an important competition?

The LACTAT BUFFER and the RECOVERY DRINK are the two most important products during a competition.

You once told us a fine recipe for a «Protein Ice Cream». May we mention it here?

Yes. The recipe is: 1 frozen banana, 1-2 dl coconut milk, 2 tbsp WHEY PROTEIN 94 vanilla, plus berries and Chia seeds as desired. Mix everything in a mixer until it gets creamy and serve in a tall glass. Tastes best after hard training and at sunset!

Fitting products

Lactat Buffer
Lactat Buffer Short info
CHF CHF 30.00
  • Delaying hyperacidity of muscles
  • Well tolerated bicarbonates and sodium citrate due to intake over several days before the competition day
  • Slightly flavoured
Recovery Drink
Recovery Drink Short info
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Based on casein and whey protein hydrolysate
  • Whey protein isolate from cross flow microfiltration provides concentrated, natural proteins with high quality co factors (25% BCAA). Protein contributes to growth and maintenance of muscle mass
  • Enriched with the free amino acids leucine (2%) and glutamine (2%)
Whey Isolate 94/ Whey Protein 94
Whey Isolate 94/ Whey Protein 94 Short info
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Highest quality level
  • Perfect for muscle build-up and dieting
  • Protein content of up to 90% (neutral flavour)
  • Lactose-free, low in fat and carbohydrates