Belinda Bencic

ZVG Familie Bencic


Athlete information

Belinda Bencic
  • Belinda Bencic
  • Sport Tennis
  • Sponser since 2008
  • Country Switzerland
  • Birthday 10. March 2022

Why Sponser?

For a long time I have trusted in the quality products of Sponser which support me optimally in training as well as on tour.


WTA Ranking 4 (17.02.2020)
1 x Olympic Gold Singles
1 x Olympic Silver Doubles
5 x WTA title
2 x WTA Challenger titles
5 x ITF title
Round of 16 finalist Australian Open, 2016
Round of 16 finalist Wimbledon, 2015
Quarterfinalist US Open, 2014

Product recommendation from Belinda Bencic

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Lactoferrin Short info
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  • Innovative food supplement for an effective iron absorption
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  • Vitamin C helps reducing tiredness and fatigue
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Power Gums
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