Rico «Ricone» Hölzel



Athlete information

Rico «Ricone» Hölzel
  • Rico «Ricone» Hölzel
  • Sport E-Sport
  • Sponser since 13.12.2018
  • Country Germany
  • Birthday 04. August 1991

Why Sponser?

I prefer regional products. And the quality of the Sponser products is excellent!


After his active career as a professional player with FC Winterthur, among others, Rico Hölzel changed sides and supported young talents, professionals, clubs and clans in all matters.
Today, he is Country Manager, Head Coach and Head Scout Switzerland for the agency and player consulting company eSports Reputation, which has signed the world's best FIFA players and supports countless projects.
He has participated in various on- & offline tournaments in the D-A-CH area and was in the top 100 of the world at Weekendleague 29-1.

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