Servette Football Club Chênois Féminin

Photos: Eric Lafargue


Athlete information

Servette Football Club Chênois Féminin
  • Servette Football Club Chênois Féminin
  • Sport Soccer
  • Team Association Cantonale Genevoise de Football
  • Sponser since 2019/2020
  • Country Switzerland
  • Birthday 01. January 1974

Why Sponser?

We appreciate the wide range of products. During training and matches we trust in ISOTONIC sports drink. After the game, we love to have a PRO RECOVERY shake. In addition, some players prefer vegan products (VEGAN PROTEIN). Four times a year all our athletes take a creatine cure. On match days the ACTIVATOR and the HIGH ENERGY BARs are also used.


The Servette Football Club Chênois Féminin dominates the newly launched «Women's Super League» in Switzerland and participates in the UEFA Champions League next season.

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