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Le colostrum bovin comme complément alimentaire

Colostrum is made from the first milk (colostrum) of cows. First milk is produced by the mother cow within the first hours and days after calving. Basically, colostrum consists of the genuine, intact total protein of the milk, i.e. the two main fractions whey and casein. However, it has a different composition compared to normal milk and is very rich in growth- and immunomodulating nutrients. These substances enable the calf to grow well, prevent infections and develop a strong immune system (e.g. allergy protection). Since today's dairy cows produce far more milk than their calves effectively need, the surplus of colostrum can be used for food supplements.

Colostrum is no doping
For the production of SPONSER® COLOSTRUM (only available in Switzerland!), only milk from the first and second milking within the first 12 hours after the birth of the calf is used, not during 48-72 hours as is often the case elsewhere. Gentle heating during production ensures that the valuable ingredients are preserved. Although colostrum contains many natural growth factors, it is not on the WADA doping list and does not pose a risk in this regard. Nevertheless, it is advisable to purchase colostrum only from reliable sources.

» Colostrum: Background information & documentation of studies (PDF)

Author: Remo Jutzeler
Ing. Applied Food Sciences UAS
MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ

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