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Nutrition in ice hockey: what ice hockey players should be aware of

Ice hockey is a fascinating sport: fast-paced, physical and in some cases highly dramatic. Although the regular match time is usually three times 20 minutes with breaks of 15 minutes, the effective play time is much longer. Depending on the interruptions during the game, the five field players and the goalie can spend up to two and a half hours on ice. It is obvious that a competition of over two hours requires a targeted and carefully balanced nutritional strategy if an athlete is to fully exploit his performance potential on the ice. We explain in the following what ice hockey players nutrition-wise need to consider before, during and after the competition and make recommendations for product selection from the SPONSER range.


Filling glycogen stores
Full energy reservoirs are the be-all and end-all in a sport with long performing times such as ice hockey. Studies confirm that glycogen supercompensation (carboloading) with a concentrated, carbohydrate-containing drink provides a considerable energy advantage on the day before the competition. Suitable products:

CARBO LOADER: High energy sports drink for replenishing glycogen stores, contains Vitargo®, a barley starch hydrolysate specially developed for this purpose.
LIQUID ENERGY GELS: Those who prefer it quick and comfortable can take carbohydrates directly from the tube with these gels. They deliver easily tolerable energy, which is available within a few minutes after ingestion.
HIGH ENERGY BAR: Competition bars for long-lasting energy. Ideal up to one hour before use.

Increased lactate tolerance
The relatively short, but high-intensity blocks, with sprints and hardly any breathers, as they occur again and again in ice hockey, result in high lactate accumulation. Beta-alanine and soda loading (sodium bicarbonate and sodium citrate) in advance increase the extracellular buffer capacity, which in turn delays the muscle acidosis and fatigue. Athletes benefit also from creatine supplementation, especially when it comes to speed and interval performance - two factors that play a central role in ice hockey. Suitable products:

LACTAT BUFFER: For professional soda loading during 4-5 days before important games.
BETA ALANINE: In contrast to soda loading, it does not increase the extracellular but the intracellular buffer capacity and thus ideally complements the LACTATE BUFFER. Loading is necessary for approx. 8 weeks and should be paused after approx. 12 weeks for several weeks.
CREATINE MONOHYDRATE: Loading phase during 1-2 weeks, but can also be used throughout the entire season. For even better absorption, a combination with CREATINE PYRUMAX is also possible.


Ensure regular liquid supply
Despite the obviously cool temperatures on the ice field, the loss of liquid is significantly higher than one would expect, due to high-intensity performance and the hindered thermoregulation by full-body clothing and protection gear. For this reason, professional athletes make sure to drink 0.5 to 1 litres of an energy- and electrolyte-containing sports drink per hour during a match. Suitable products:

ISOTONIC: The classic sports drink with 5 fruity flavours.
COMPETITION: The less sweet, less intensively flavoured and acid-free alternative and therefore the first choice in elite sports.

Avoiding blood sugar fluctuations and muscle cramps
In competitive sports, energy supply plays a central role because the body's fuel stores are not sufficient for a duration of more than approx. 90 to 120 minutes. LIQUID ENERGY Gels can therefore also be used in addition to carbohydrate-electrolytes drinks. They provide fast energy, can be taken easily and do not strain the digestion. Players with high sweat losses and/or cramp tendency may benefit from our MUSCLE RELAX Shot. Suitable products:

LIQUID ENERGY GELS: Best tolerated liquid energy concentrate from quick and slow available carbohydrates. The energy kick par excellence! With or without caffeine.
MUSCLE RELAX: 30 ml bottles of cucumber juice and vinegar. At first signs or acute muscle cramps, rinse your mouth briefly with it and drink afterwards.


Keeping coordination and concentration high
Reaction time, attention, coordination, concentration and a high focus are elementary performance components in a technical and fast discipline like ice hockey. Suitable products for increased cognitive performance and delayed fatigue:

ACTIVATOR: Ready-to-drink flask with 200 mg caffeine from guarana, mate and green tea. Ideal from the second third or to manage mental fatigue. To be taken approx. 30-60 min before the desired time of effect. Take in two portions depending on tolerance.
MENTAL FOCUS: Caffeine-free formulation with green tea active ingredients and Rhodiola Rosea. Promotes focusing without increasing anxiety.


Ensure fast recovery
«After the match is before the match» is a bon mot in ice hockey. It is therefore crucial to take care of regeneration immediately after a match. A high-quality regeneration supplement supplies the body with fluid and electrolytes, fills the glycogen stores and repairs endured muscle damage. Suitable products:

RECOVERY DRINK: Fruity regeneration drink, lactose-free. Preparation with water.
PRO RECOVERY: Efficient, highly professional protein-based regeneration product to balance muscle stress. Lactose-free and without artificial sweeteners. Preparation with water.
NITROFLOW PERFORMANCE2: The professional tip! Its vasodilatory effect enables better nutrient supply and reduction of metabolic end products (e.g. lactate). Ideal for supporting regeneration.

Author: Remo Jutzeler
Ing. Applied Food Sciences UAS
MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ

Produits appropriés

Nitroflow Performance
Nitroflow Performance Info de base
CHF CHF 35.00
  • spectre d’effets booster de NO, optimisateur de performances
  • mélange de substances nutritives basées sur des extraits de plantes fonctionnels
  • optimisation ciblée des substances nutritives en phases de haute intensité
Muscle Relax
Muscle Relax Info de base
CHF CHF 15.00
  • Inhibe les contractions musculaires incontrôlées dans le sport
  • Jus de cornichon au vinaigre, quinine et gingembre
  • Avec du magnésium pour soutenir la fonction musculaire normale
  • En prévention ou en cas de besoin aigu
Beta Alanine
Beta Alanine Info de base
CHF CHF 32.50
  • Tampon d'acide intracellulaire pour sportifs de compétition et de force
  • Pour les sports où l'acidité musculaire et l'accumulation de lactate limitent les performances
  • Classification A de la liste des suppléments
  • Formule à libération lente
Carbo Loader
Carbo Loader Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Formule de glucides hautement concentrée
  • Multiples glucides avec électrolytes pour un carboloading efficace
  • Pour remplir au maximum les réserves de glycogène avant l’activité d'endurance
Competition Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Pour de meilleurs potentiels d’endurance et de performance
  • Sans acide et légèrement aromatisé pour une meilleure digestibilité
  • Formule multi-carb: haute densité énergétique & hypotonique
  • Exempt de lactose, de gluten, d’additifs artificiels et sans fructose libre
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Désaltérant isotonique pour de meilleures performances d’endurance
  • Goût fruité, disponible en 5 arômes différents
  • Formule multi-carb avec électrolytes
Liquid Energy
Liquid Energy Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Gels avec la plus haute densité d'énergie
  • Compatibilité optimale
  • 6 variantes / arômes différentes
  • Sans conservateur, sans lactose
Pro Recovery
Pro Recovery Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  •  Shake de récupération de protéines et glucides

  •  44 - 50% de teneur en protéines
  •  Combinaison unique de 7 composants protéiques, dont du colostrum et des glucides complexes
  •  Sans édulcorants artificiels
Recovery Drink
Recovery Drink Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Boisson de récupération à base de glucides et de protéines
  • Récupérationn rapide après le sport
  • Avec protéines de lactosérum, L-glutamine et L-leucine
  • Sachet portion pratique, préparation à l'eau
  • Sans lactose et sans gluten
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Shot à la caféine avec 200 mg de caféine de différentes sources
  • Meilleure performance d'endurance
  • Amélioration de la concentration et de l'attention
  • Au travail et dans la vie de tous les jours sous forme d'un "espresso froid", seulement 25 kcal
  • Maintenant disponible dans le nouveau arôme Cola-Citron
Creatine Monohydrate
Creatine Monohydrate Info de base
CHF CHF 29.50
  • 100% pur Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate de Créatine Monohydrate
  • améliore les performances physiques lors d'efforts répétés et intensifs à court terme
  • Idéal pour les charges dans la plage de force anaérobie à grande vitesse (charges d'impulsion, de force et d'intervalle)
Creatine Pyrumax
Creatine Pyrumax Info de base
CHF CHF 52.00
  • La créatine améliore les performances lors d’efforts intensifs
  • Formule innovante, basée sur 3 matières premières
  • Maximum de qualité certifiée et une garantie de propreté
Lactat Buffer
Lactat Buffer Info de base
CHF CHF 30.00
  • Supplément pour des performances intensives
  • Augmente la tolérance à l'acide pour les charges anaérobies-lactacides
  • Pour les sports où l'acidification musculaire et l'accumulation de lactate limitent les performances.
  • Pour une utilisation lors de compétitions importantes
High Energy Bar
High Energy Bar Info de base
CHF CHF 0.00
  • Densité énergétique élevée
  • Une compatibilité optimale
  • Libération échelonnée de l'énergie
Mental Focus
Mental Focus Info de base
CHF CHF 17.00
  • Facile à prendre grâce à son emballage de cure contenant des ampoules à boire et des capsules.