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An optimal blood flow is important for the transport of oxygen and nutrients and supports any form of performance. Some so-called secondary plant compounds are used in sports due to their potential influence on the microcirculation (e.g. Fruitflow®, Montmorency Tart Cherry, New Zealand Blackcurrant).

Nitroflow Performance Short info
CHF 37.00
  • NO-boost effect spectrum, performance optimiser
  • nutrient mix based on functional plant extracts
  • for targeted nutrient optimisation in high-intensity phases
Red Beet Vinitrox Short info
CHF 18.00
  • 1 shot of Red Beet Vinitrox corresponds to the nitrate content of 500 ml of fresh beetroot juice
  • Positive influence on the platelet aggregation
  • Better lactate level tests in the sports medical care

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