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Liquid Energy ULTRA

  • 140 mg di sodio per porzione
  • 450 mg di BCAA per porzione
  • fonti di grasso di alta qualità
  • privo di lattosio e glutine
  • senza fruttosio libero
Sponser Liquid Energy ULTRA
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Liquid Energy ULTRA

La lista riassuntiva «Comparazione di gel LIQUID ENERGY».

LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA di SPONSER® è un concentrato di energia liquida da carboidrati complessi e grassi MCT (trigliceridi a catena media) da oli vegetali di alta qualità. Il gel è stato progettato per sostenere le prestazioni durante gli allenamenti di resistenza lunghi e a bassa intensità e si differenzia dagli altri gel soprattutto per la sua maggiore densità energetica dovuta al contenuto di grassi.

Come per tutti i prodotti SPONSER, attribuiamo grande importanza alla compatibilità ottimale. MCT fornisce energia direttamente disponibile dai grassi e non deve essere digerito prima. È quindi rapidamente disponibile senza influenzare negativamente la tolleranza. Inoltre, l’apporto di energia attraverso MCT protegge le riserve di glicogeno del corpo stesso e supporta le prestazioni per un periodo di tempo più lungo.

Il gel è stato ulteriormente arricchito con sale e BCAA. Il gustoso gel LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA a base di latte di cocco e macadamia è privo di glutine e lattosio e non contiene fruttosio libero o additivi artificiali.

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1 bustina ogni 20 minuti. Bere circa 200 ml di acqua. In combinazione, si consiglia la bevanda sportiva "ULTRA COMPETITION" e nonché 20 g di proteine ogni 3-4 ore (ad es. una bustina ULTRA PRO). Inoltre, assumere 1-2 SALT CAPS all'ora a temperature molto calde.

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Nährwerte/nutrition facts

100 g

1 Sachet (25 g)

Energie/energy kJ (kcal)

1719 (412)

430 (103)


25 g

6.3 g

davon gesättigte Fettsäuren/
of which saturates

17 g

4.3 g


44 g

11 g

davon Zuckerarten/of which sugars

20 g

5.0 g


2.7 g

0.7 g


1.00 g

0.25 g

pro 25 g: Natrium/sodium 140 mg, MCT (mittelkettige Trigylceride/medium-chain triglycerides) 4.5 g, L-leucine 270 mg, L-valine 90 mg, L-isoleucine 90 mg

Zutaten: Glucosesirup, Wasser, Pflanzenöle 15% (Kokos-, Palm- und Rapsöl [MCT*], Olivenöl), Kokosnussmilchpulver 10% (enthält Milch), Saccharose, Wachsmaisstärke 4.2%, Isomaltulose 4.2%, Macadamiamark 4.2%, Aminosäuren (L-Leucin, L-Isoleucin, L-Valin) 1.3%, Natriumchlorid, Aroma, Ingwer. *mittelkettige Triglyceride **Glucose- und Fructosequelle.

Entwickelt und hergestellt in der Schweiz




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Trinken nach Gels

Training und Wettkampf

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Vittoria nell'Ironman

Con i prodotti di SPONSER

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Alimentazione Swiss Epic

Consigli per la gara (testo in inglese)

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Vantaggi e applicazione

I gel LIQUID ENERGY garantiscono una densità energetica massima ed una digeribilità ottimale. L’energia liquida ad alta concentrazione è ideale per l’uso immediato prima o durante gli esercizi di altissima intensità, in cui la respirazione e la prestazione sportiva non devono essere pregiudicate dalla masticazione o dalla digestione. I gel LIQUID ENERGY sono disponibili in tubetti richiudibili o in bustine porzionate. SPONSER® offre varianti diverse che possono essere combinati senza problemi.

» Comparazione di GEL LIQUID ENERGY da SPONSER (PDF in inglese)

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16. 04. 2020
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Trinken nach Gels

Bei der Verwendung von Gels oder festen Nahrungsmitteln unbedingt genügend Wasser trinken (mind. 200 ml pro 20-30 g Kohlenhydrate), um eine Reduktion des Blutplasma-Volumens zu verhindern. (Evans et al., 2017: Optimizing the restoration and maintenance of fluid balance after exercise-induced dehydration. J Appl Physiol 122(4):945-951). Andernfalls verlangsamt sich die Rehydrierung, was während der Belastung zu gastrointestinalen Beschwerden führen kann.

05. 10. 2019
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Vittoria nell'Ironman

Leggi l'articolo in inglese:

Jan van Berkel wins Ironman Switzerland 2019

In the final edition of Zurich hosting Ironman Switzerland, home country star Jan Van Berkel defended his title. The SPONSER athlete controlled the race from the very beginning: «First out of water, first off the bike, first over the finish line», he wrote on his social media accounts after the finish. Van Berkel led the swim and the bike by a few seconds, then expanded his lead with a race-best 2:46:41 marathon which gave him a 6:57 margin of victory over Sven Riederer and 13:59 over 3rd place Cyril Viennot of France.

«Sponser has won the Ironman Switzerland!»
Jan van Berkel is trusting on SPONSER® sports nutrition for years. After the competition he writes a euphoric mail to the SPONSER employees at the company headquarter in Wollerau: «Sponser has won the Ironman Switzerland! Thank you very much for your support». Asked about his nutrition on race day Jan reveals: «On my menu was WAXY MAIZE STARCH for breakfast, COMPETITION COOL MINT and LIQUID ENERGY ULTRA Gels for lunch and Coke as an afternoon snack.»

With his victory in Zurich Jan van Berkel qualified for the Ironman World Championships 2019 in Hawaii.

25. 07. 2019
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Alimentazione Swiss Epic

Leggi il testo integrale in inglese:

Which nutrition strategy is recommended for Swiss Epic?

On a multi-day event like the Swiss Epic, certain conditions that influence nutrition change almost daily. Factors such as weather, acclimatisation, training status, body weight and individual biological variability are too varied to permit universally binding nutritional recommendations. In addition, the diet must be adapted to the objective: Is it about winning or is it simply about comfortably finishing? And, last but not least, the general conditions and catering options on site must also be incorporated into the nutrition strategy. For these reasons, it is not possible to provide generally valid nutrition rules in quantity and order for the Swiss Epic mountain bike race or similar long-distance endurance events.

Of course, there are certain basic rules and measures that remain roughly the same. One conceivable nutrition strategy could be the following:

Before the start
• The two days before the competition: Carbo loading with CARBO LOADER, 4 x 1 portion per day each
• 3 to 4 hours before the start: POWER PORRIDGE, portion size according to your own feeling of satiety.
• Up to 1 hour before the start: LONG ENERGY sports drink and one / a few bites of HIGH ENERGY BAR, depending on the individual feeling of hunger and thirst, also depending on whether you are able to eat at all at this moment.

During competition
• Drink sufficiently, adapted to the situation and according to your feeling of thirst. Recommended drink is the mildly flavoured, acid-free LONG ENERGY sports drink.
• During competition it is recommended that you take some easily digestible solid food every 3 to 5 hours. However, this must be tested under similar conditions beforehand! For example, half a bar, but also a few bites of white bread or a ripe banana are useful to maintain gastrointestinal activity. To a certain extent, the ULTRA PRO drink can also be taken instead during long periods of endurance activities (1 sachet every 3 to 4 hours). This may already be sufficient for one-day events.
• For competitions lasting several days, something «solid» between the teeth is highly recommended, as solid food supports digestion. What and how much varies from person to person. A few easily digestible bites (white bread, banana, pretzels, energy bars, or similar) every few hours are enough, the rest can be taken in liquid form.
• If warm food (such as pasta, boiled potatoes, rice, etc.) is offered on site, make sure you try to use it. Also POWER PORRIDGE would be a valuable warm catering, if the possibility exists.
• Our OAT PACKs are recommended as very long satiating bars. These are based on oats and contain nuts, which increase the total energy content, but also puts a little more strain on the digestion. In contrast to the HIGH ENERGY BAR, OAT PACKs are also suitable for competitions in the cold because they are not as hard as the finely ground HIGH ENERGY BARs. However, the HIGH ENERGY BAR is the ideal solution for one-day competitions.
• If performance drops and/or tiredness occur, LIQUID ENERGY gels with caffeine are recommended (approx. ½ tube or 1 sachet, followed by some gulps of water or sports drink). An ampoule of ACTIVATOR with caffeine can also help in this situation; the caffeine's effect lasting about 2-4 hours.
• Especially during long competitions, the LIQUID ENERGY SALTY is very well received. This energy gel contains more salt and tastes sweet and salty, thereby offering a welcomed taste alternative.
• En route, it is important to estimate the situational needs correctly. In the case of cold/weakness, it is advisable to consume more carbohydrates in the form of gels or sports drinks. If stomach problems become noticeable, suitable solid food, oat bars or white bread should be eaten. Pure water is not recommended if diarrhoea occurs! In such a case it is advisable to eat and drink salty.
• Most important during very long events is keeping enough flexibility and listen to one's own desires. Experience has shown that even the most popular drinks/foods can quickly put you off if exertion lasts for several days.
• Furthermore, particularly with events lasting several days and high intake of (usually) carbohydrate-rich sports food, a sudden appetite for salt, protein and fat appears. This usually happens at a stage when the body has already reduced exercise intensity (partly from exhaustion) and can therefore tolerate such food. In this situation one can tolerate a lot of «normal» food in a reasonable amount: dried meat, sausages, chips, nuts, cheese or whatever else the organizer offers. However, fatty foods are of course unsuitable for daytime events and for strictly performance-oriented goals. During long exercise bouts and low intensities, however, one should and may listen to one's body desires, even if a food may be somewhat more difficult/slower to digest. Specific hunger for a certain food is usually a good indicator that it also can be tolerated.

Recovery after competition
• For occasions where you do not want to take too many different products with you, it is a good idea to use the ULTRA PRO as a regeneration drink. Also conceivable: LONG ENERGY Berry in double concentration (60-80 g + approx. 500 ml water). Like this, there is no need for additional recovery products. It is recommended to drink a portion within 30 minutes after finish arrival and possibly a second one, if there is no main meal within 90 minutes.
• On multi-day events, it makes sense to take another portion of CARBO LOADER or a portion of ULTRA PRO before going to bed in order to start the next day with energy stores refilled.

Rough nutrient dosage guideline

Approx. 60-80 grams per hour, during long-term endurance up to slightly more than 100 g/h can be absorbed and metabolised.

Depends on and varies strongly according to the situation, 0.4 to 1 litres per hour advised. Note: with drinking volume also the ingested energy content changes, which has to be considered with the intake of other energy sources accordingly.

Basically not necessary, but some studies point to an increase in performance and recovery if protein is already taken during performance. Approx. 20 g protein every 3 to 4 hours for events lasting 6 to 8 hours or longer. Ideal for this: ULTRA PRO or AMINO 12500. The ULTRA PRO drink can be considered an alternative to solid food, but must be prepared with water immediately before consumption and cannot be mixed several hours in advance. On shorter occasions it is easier to add/take some protein directly in the sports drink or swallow capsules/tablets such as AMINO EAC or BCAA.

Fat intake only plays a role at endurance duration beyond approx. 10 hours, when performance intensity is very low and fat can be digested. It can be neglected and should not intentionally used in a one-day event as it may quickly act negatively, if exercise intensity becomes too high.

Author: Remo Jutzeler
Ing. Applied Food Sciences UAS
MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ

24. 07. 2019
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